Recipes I found online and loved: Laura Vitale Edition


So, I love cooking, that’s no news. I’m always trying different things, different combinations and my poor boyfriend has to endure all the try-outs =) {I would say I have about 85-90% of success, not too bad huh?}

I found Laura Vitale and her cooking channel Laura in the Kitchen about a year ago. I love watching her videos and the way she cooks. So, obviously, I’ve tried lots of her recipes. =) I didn’t take photos of every recipe that I tried, for some reason, but here is a quick sample of the ones that I have.


Peppermint Bark Recipe


I looooooved this one and it was a hit last Christmas. If you like white chocolate and peppermint, you’ll love these!


Chocolate Angel Food Cake Recipe




This was a bit of a fail, my fault. I didn’t have every ingredient and had to make ends meet with what I had, but it turned out good and I can’t wait to try it once again, with all the needed ingredients. BTW, I had never been successful in the making of an Angel Food Cake and this was soooooo easy. Laura’s recipe and explanation made it all really simple.


White Sandwich Bread Recipe



This bread recipe is amazing! Tasted amazing! But in Portugal powdered milk is very expensive, so it’s not something that I can do every time I make a loaf, which is 2-3 times a week. But every so often I’m sure I’ll make it. Special occasions. =)


Light Cream of Broccoli Soup Recipe




Our new absolute favorite soup in the house. I’ve done it 4 times since the first time I tried it – on the day Laura posted on her channel – and it’s amazing! I don’t add the half and half and it’s still incredibly creamy. It’s the soup we had today for lunch, actually! 😉


Red Velvet Cake Recipe


I love Red Velvet Cake and I thought I had a great recipe, until I tried Laura’s. I loved the cake recipe, but the frosting is a bit sweeter than we like, so, next time I make it, I’ll just use my regular cream cheese frosting and I’m sure it will be perfection!

Here is her Social Media info:


Facebook Page:

Twitter: @Lauraskitchen



Also, Laura and her husband Joe have been doing daily vlogs for a while now and I love watching them, they’re really funny and those kind of people that you really wish you could be friends in RL! Check out their vlog channel –> The Vitales. And Laura launched recently a Style Channel, where she reviews and talks about beauty and makeup.

If you haven’t visited her website, you really should. The recipes are incredible and I just wish I had the chance to try them out more often!

Thank you Laura and Joe for all your hard work! We really appreciate it!

Have a great weekend!


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  • February 14, 2014 at 4:40 am

    I just found Laura in the Kitchen (and her vlogs) about a month ago and now I’m obsessed 🙂

  • February 18, 2014 at 12:37 am

    Mmm, that broccoli soup looks delicious. Thanks for linking to #AllAboutYou Tuesday link & pin party

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