{Recipe} Veggie Pizza


Last week I saw someone’s post on Instagram with a beautiful and tasty-looking veggie pizza. Obviously, I had to make one for dinner that same day. Obviously, right?

And so I did.

I used my usual pizza/bread/calzone dough that I keep in the fridge {click here to see the post with the recipe} and prepared the base.

Yes, it was supposed to be big.
Yes, it was supposed to be big. Not this big, though. Oops. =)

I only had frozen vegetables, so I used them. Why not? I used a mix of Chinese vegetables, added corn and peas, and seasoned it with soy sauce, worcestershire sauce, salt, pepper and a dash of curry and paprika. I know – ca-ray-zay! =)


And then it was time to put the pizza together. Thin layer of tomato sauce, mixed veggies, a little bit of cheese and oregano. Oven until golden and off to the table!


And it tasted AMAZING! It was huge – it was enough for 2 meals for both of us – but the flavors worked really well together. Great great meal.

I do realize this is not the usual, made-to-be-pretty, pizza. But my main goal is – as always – to show you that cooking doesn’t have to be hard. You just need imagination. And willingness to not complain when something may not turn out as tasty {or edible}. I took a chance with this pizza, added the ingredients and seasonings that we like and thought would go well together, and it did! If I was too scared, or stopped to browse for a recipe online, I would probably  have skipped on making this altogether.

So, my message to you on this Friday: have fun while cooking and try different things. That’s the best and most enjoyable way of doing it. 😉

Have a great day and I’ll see you tomorrow!


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