{Recipe} Surprisingly Amazing 4-ingredient Salad


This is a really simple recipe and quite self-explanatory, so this will be a shorter post. But I HAD to share this with you. I’ve been trying to mix some of my favorite ingredients in a lot of different and somewhat unexpected ways, and this was our Wednesday dinner. I was craving something with apples, but I had to have my protein fix, so this is what I came up with. I think it’s a great choice for anyone if you like the ingredients separately – even if you never had them together – and it’s a great choice for a quick healthy meal.

I also used apples on one of my last recipes, check it out if you haven’t already (Summer Pasta Salad).

But on to the recipe. This yields 4 comfortable servings.


– 280g / 9.8oz of cooked peas
– 100g / 4oz of turkey sausages
– 140g / 5oz of cooked corn
– 2 medium golden delicious apples


1. Add the peas and corn to a big salad bowl.
2. Slice the sausages according to your personal taste. I prefer thinner slices and try not to go over 1/4 inch. Add to the bowl.
3. Use a slicer/corer on the apples and then cut medium-to-thin slices. If you add some lemon drops, it will help prevent oxidation and will also give a great flavor. Add to the bowl and serve.

I love this salad and even though it yields 4 comfortable servings, we ended up finishing it in one meal ehehe =) I hope you like this one and if you do, share, pin, tweet, post on your facebook! =) I would appreciate it! Also, I’ll be sharing it on some of my favorite websites! Check them out!

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    Hi, linking with What I’m Eating. I bet this salad is something that kids would love? Kim

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