Raspberry “Granita”


Granita is a kind of dessert originated in Sicily and it’s normally a mix of sugar, water and different kinds of flavors. These days I got a lot of amazing raspberries and strawberries so I tried doing something that I believe I saw on Jamie Oliver’s show a few years ago. But – if you’ve seen any of his shows, you know what I mean – he uses A LOT of sugar! And I can’t and don’t want that.

So, as the raspberries were really sweet, I put a whole bunch of them in the blender – just the fruit, nothing added -, pureed them and put them in a pyrex in the freezer and let it there for the night. The next day we had a really amazing dessert, that was truly just fruit! Just take it out of the freezer at the begining of the meal so it’s scoop-able. It’s so easy and quick to make and perfect for warmer weather. =)

I highly recommend this kinds of desserts and I’m already thinking of trying it with other fruits. Maybe mangoes. =) Will keep you posted eheh =) It will keep your sweet tooth satisfied =)


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