Random thoughts

Today I’m writing a different kind of post. I want to talk about a few different things I heard today.

First and foremost, I’m home for Christmas! =) For those that don’t know yet, my hometown’s name is Lagoa, in the southern Portugal region called Algarve. It’s really warmer than it should be for this time of year, today I was out all day with just a thin cardigan and it was awesome. =) We had 25/27º C (77/80 F) weather.



Tomorrow I’m gonna start baking and cooking and I’m thinking of ways to show you the recipes. If they turn out right, I’ll try and post a small video. I’m choosing some recipes but I think I’m gonna try and make a souffle… Well, you’ll be updated in the next few days. =)

Another thing, have you heard about this?

human flesh I was so shocked! Why? Really, why? And in the TV show, they showed all the process up to the cooking and eating. Geez… I’m sorry but this is so unnecessary…

Oh, and by the way, I’m not happy with the Portuguese and American post offices. Two packages were sent by my sister with our Christmas presents on Dec 8th. Today we got one of them and the other one is still in New Jersey, waiting for a plane. Sucks. But still, there are worse things.

So, that’s all folks! For today at least. I’m gonna go and put the holiday decorations up at my parents’ home. They don’t even have a tree yet!

Happy holidays everyone!

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