Random thoughts

I haven’t done a random thoughts in a while and as today I don’t have just one topic to talk about, it seemed appropriate.


First I wanted to show you a twist of my mushroom entrée – the one I made for New Year’s Eve – to really show that you can try different things, using products you love.

Instead of shrimps, I used corn and spinach and I used white mushrooms.

It was really really good. 😉



Second, I went to an event in my hometown of Lagoa, an event to celebrate it’s 239th birthday and I want to share a small video and some pics of it. The quality of them isn’t great because what I used was my iPhone camera and it was really dark inside. The musical headliner was an Orchestra and they are awesome! One of the best =) It also had performances of other groups of our town, as you can see in the first picture (the flyer of the show). I highly highly recommend you to browse YouTube for performances of the groups you can see in the flyer, we DO have good entertainers in Portugal, even if they’re not as well known as they should.

Third, last and kinda related to the last one, I remembered how much I like Beto Kalulu’s music. He’s the big haired guy in the pics above and he’s a friend of my family for 39 years. His music is so fresh and cool and I kinda forgot how good he is! I haven’t heard him live in a while and now I just uploaded his music to my iTunes! =) Check out two of my favorites below. But, again, I really recommend you to browse for his music. You’ll love it 😉 And if you can go and watch him live, please DO! Live is always better!

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