Random Goodies!

Hi everyone! Happy Sunday!

This post could also be called “My week in instagram pics”, because it kinda is.

It seems like this week went by in a second. It’s crazy that it’s already February 10. Tomorrow my parents celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary. =)

On Monday I got two new toys to play. =) Macadamia’s Deep Repair Masque and TRESemmé Salon Professional Hot Rollers! I’ve used the mask twice and I’ll try the rollers sometime next week so I’m feeling I’ll have something to review in a couple of weeks.


Then, after browsing online for a better macaron recipe – this time of the year requires me to try and perfect this recipe, you’ll understand in a few days – and I found an amazing one, by April Athena! I tried it and even though they didn’t look as perfect as hers did, they taste really good. =) She’s a beauty guru who also has a cooking channel and a vlog channel with her husband and I seriously recommend you to check them out! Click on her name above and you have all the links there. =)



On Wednesday I found myself lighting a Yankee Candle Christmas Eve candle and drinking from my Christmas mug. It’s Christmas whenever we want right? 😉


Then I caught myself on a DIY mania. I redid my bread box, which you can read all about on this post, but it looked something like this:


And I also did two salt containers, which will be presented to the public in some days. But I started this makeup brush holder using a Yankee Candle Jar that I’m not yet sure how it will turn out.


And yesterday I was surprised by the best boyfriend in the world with a Curly Wurly from Lush! I was waiting for it to the store to be restocked – as you can read here – and he got me one! =) Woohooooo! BBE (best boyfriend ever) ^_^


During this week I also kept to my goal of exercising on a regular basis and this was my record on my elliptical trainer: 60 minutes – 15.36km – 477 calories. =) And one episode of Revenge and some YouTube videos 😉


Today my dog had a bit of an identity crisis. She thinks she’s a cat. And she’s been doing this a lot in the past few days. She has a surprisingly good balance 😉


Overall it was a good week. =) I could have done a bit more but it was a quite busy week. Next week’s goal? Keep up with everything I want and get even closer to finishing my biggest project yet. =) (And also, if the fairy GodMother of Jobs could make some come up so I can apply… please do)

If you want to keep up with me on a really regular basis, catch me on instagram (slinha) or on Twitter (@slinha). I update them every day and sometimes several times a day. =)

See you tomorrow!


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