Random day = Random thoughts.


Today I has the most random day. Well, not random, but eventful.

I woke up to an alert on my iPad that Tony Scott had jumped from a bridge in Los Angeles and was dead at 68. Got up, grabbed my coffee, turned the computer on. An alert popped on my desktop that Scott McKenzie died. About half an hour later, my mother calls me and tells me they discovered yesterday that one of my cousins (my grandma’s nephew) is seriously ill, and has been for a while and nobody told us before.

And all this before lunch.

During lunch we watched the news. And… well, the way news are told nowadays… it’s depressing. They can even turn great news of some big accomplishment to something crisis related. And that’s a bummer. We even changed the channel.

In the afternoon, after working a bit on some projects, and after about one hour of job hunting on about a dozen different websites, I found myself needing a break from “serious and negative”. So, I watched last night’s “The Newsroom”. =) Loved it, and it started improving my mood.

Two other things I find that really improve my mood when I’m home alone are coffee and browsing online shops. The online “window shopping”. The key to this working well and me not spending what I don’t have, is browsing online shops that don’t ship to Portugal! =) This is actually a good tip. Sometimes you just want to see pretty things. =)

After all this, and with a lot of chores in the middle of it, I got my workout time.

I don’t like days like this one. I always feel strange and until I fall asleep, I get the feeling that something big is about to happen. I love surprises but I hate this. Does anyone else have days like this?

Sorry for the ridiculously random post. =) Will get back to sanity tomorrow 😉

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