Quick tip videos: Today’s edition – Toilet Cleaning Gel. Fancy, right? =)

I think I’m starting a series of quick tip videos. I’m not sure if I’ll continue this for long but I posted one today and I have two more in the works, so, at least these three will be posted. =)

It may seem like a semi-ridiculous tip, but it really is money-saving. At least here in Portugal we’ve been having an incredible rise of most of the non-essential products, and we don’t have the coupon system that the US has. It’s easier to save in the States. I would rule the couponing world. =) I will some day.

But while I’m still here, I try my best to save the most I can. I will make a structured post with tips to save while buying online and will share as many tips as I know. And if you know and want to share any, please feel free to comment below or on our Facebook page – Something on Everything! Just click the link, hit Like and share with your friends! That way you’ll always be notified of new posts! 😉

Right now, you can go and watch this video. Just click the photo and you’ll get there. While you’re there, please subscribe! =)

Have a wonderful day!


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