Quick frustrated rant about my country.

So… there’s this Mayor of a town close to mine and he’s been on trial for several crimes for the past ten years and finally it seemed it was over when he was convicted to serve time in jail (2 years). I heard he already appealed 45 times but still he was arrested last Wednesday.

If you’re not in Portugal, you can’t imagine how big this story is. He’s a well loved man for the work he did but everyone is really aware of the crimes he (as the court ruled) committed. There’s been so much talk, so much gossip, so much everything surrounding this story that I really thought that when he would be jailed, it would stop.


(photo by Vítor Rios/ Global Imagens)


To my disbelief – well, disbelief is a strong word, I believe that everything is possible and acceptable in Portugal now – this news article popped up on my iPhone this morning. It’s in Portuguese and you can read it here, but the title says it all: “Isaltino (the name of the Mayor) will continue to manage the Mayor’s Office from jail”. Wow. Seriously?

But it continues to explain that it was discussed in a City Hall meeting the evening of the day he was arrested, and that it was agreed that as the crimes he was arrested for weren’t related to the Office, he could continue to be the Mayor.

Ain’t this sad? Or am I wrong and this should be allowed?

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