Quick beauty tip post =)


Do you remember my post on my beauty favorites? I talked about these facial cloths by Olay that I was (and am still) using on a daily basis.

These are supposed to be used on your face, and they do an amazing job to clean and make the skin look a lot healthier. They also do wonders when it comes to taking the makeup off.

But a few weeks ago I found out a new great use for these.

If you’ve used these cloths before, you know how saturated in soap (or whatever substance that is) they are. When I don’t have a full face of makeup – and even when I do – the cloth still has a lot of soap on it. And I felt kind of bummed to waste all that every day. This is not a cheap product!

I’ve always had dry skin on my elbows. And sometimes, when the season is changing, I get some dry areas on my neck and knees. So, every day in the shower, when I’m using this cloth on my face, I use it also on these dry areas. I’ve been doing this for about a month now and I’ve seen a lot of improvement. Seriously. My skin feels great and moisturized and it’s awesome. Also, I’m not wasting as much product! Win-win, right?

Let me know if you try this and how it works for you. =)

Have a wonderful Saturday people!


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