Quick Bathroom Makeover

Quick Bathroom Makeover | by http://www.SomethingOnEverything.com

​Hi there! I'm so glad you're reading this today. =) 

I'm here to share a quick bathroom makeover... probably the simplest ever, but it really changed how it looks and feels.

We have a really small bathroom. Because of that, it tends to be overtaken with products, towels and everything in between. We need to have our towels right "inside" the bathtub area and it has been like that since the house was first bought by my great grandma, 40 years ago. But we now needed a change. And to make it less cluttered.

This was such a simple change. We had an old towel rack and a soap holder on the wall and our products directly on the bathtub border. Due to all the space available, it was really easy to add one or two {or three or ten} products to the must-use-right-now list. And that made the whole space look smaller, messy and not great looking.

Quick Bathroom Makeover | by http://www.SomethingOnEverything.com

​We decided to simply take the soap holder and towel rack down, put three towel hooks and place a smaller, pretty glass corner shelf to accommodate a smaller collection of essential products. It wasn't as easy as I was expecting - the walls are extremely hard to drill into and I needed A LOT of help from my boyfriend - but as soon as we took the towel rack down it immediately looked better. Even with all the dust.

Quick Bathroom Makeover | by http://www.SomethingOnEverything.com

After placing the corner shelf and the hooks, I quickly patched the holes in the wall (the ones left from the racks) and painted white to match the wall. It's not perfect - our wall has that horrible texturized finish​ that is not easy to mimic - but it's good enough for us. =) And I'm proud of it. 

We selected the really essential products and placed them on the shelf and put the rest in storage.​ I'm sure that we'll be using our products up until they're finished, instead of just adding new ones to the rotation. We'll be more efficient. And that's great!

Quick Bathroom Makeover | by http://www.SomethingOnEverything.com

You can see our current shower favorites below. We have some that have been favorites for years (Ultra Suave Camomile Shampoo, Macadamia Deep Repair Masque*, Garnier Pure Active 3in1*,​ Lush Curly Wurly* and Pantene ProV Sun Glow Conditioner) and others that we're still trying out.

Quick Bathroom Makeover | by http://www.SomethingOnEverything.com

I love how a small change like this one made the biggest difference. And I have to say - this was done almost two weeks ago, and it still looks really tidy and cute. =)

Do you have a towel rack or hooks? Which is your favorite? Let me know! I currently prefer the hooks, but also see the usefulness of a rack.​

*this post contains affiliate links. They're here because it's easier to show you products that I truly believe in and have used/tried and yes, I do make a small commission if you purchase the item through my link. If you don't want to use the link provided, we'll still gonna be friends. 😉

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  • April 14, 2015 at 11:50 am

    I think most people are more likely to use hooks than towel bars. Same with hangers. And many who are willing to hang on a towel on a bar have no interest in folding it so it looks nice hanging there. Hooks also make very efficient use of space. Great to feel you’ve made a simple change that makes your space work better:)
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