Quiche Lorraine


Yesterday I made a quiche lorraine, with a small tweak.

I started by making the pie crust (as the one I talked about in a previous post) and baking it for 20 minutes. I used a larger pie dish than I usually do and I’m sold. I’m only gonna use this one from now on. Don’t forget to put something on top of the crust while baking so it doesn’t puff. I use dried beans.

Then I started preparing my ingredients. In a frying pan, I made my own bacon bits and put them in paper towels to dry out the fat.

Using the same frying pan, I just sauteed some frozen spinach until it was softened.

So, to make a real quiche lorraine, you just use the bacon. Instead I put bacon all over, and added the spinach in one half.

To make the “liquid” part of the quiche you’ll need:
– 150ml milk
– 3 eggs
– 250g thick double cream or crème fraîche
– pinch of salt, pepper and ground nutmeg

Using a kitchen robot, mix all the ingredients for about a minute. Now pour in on top of the bacon and spinach. Top the quiche with 100g of cheese (I used a combination of grated cheeses) and bake it for about 30 minutes.

The finished product was really good and this recipe is a good base recipe to rearrange and add whatever ingredients you want to.

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