Protecting the ones I love

Today, really late at night, I start this short post with a picture.


I have the best family and friends one can have. Really. I do. And I’m really protective of them. If someone hurts in any way one of these people, I immediately enter “war mode”. I can’t help it, I’ve always been like that.

Usually I’m a great “reader” of people. My mother passed that on to me. That means when I meet someone for the first time, or times, I can say if that person has good intentions or not. When they don’t seem to have good intentions, if they stay away from me and my beloved ones, it’s fine and I go on with my life, always keeping in my “files” what I perceived in that first encounter. When they don’t stay away and they enter my friends/family lives and start, slowly or not, doing bad things to them, misbehaving or hurting them, I can’t stay put! I can’t not say anything! And I don’t think I should, I really don’t. Maybe I’m over protective, and I now people learn better from their own mistakes, but wouldn’t it be easier if we could avoid some mistakes?

Mankind was made not to like hearing they’re making a mistake. I know that. Usually telling someone they’re making a mistake results in a fight, or at least in hurting that’s person’s ego (like we were saying they’re not smart enough to tell they’re being played). But most of the times I don’t care. And I’ve heard a lot of thing I didn’t like. But it’s okay if it helps opening some eyes.

But the worst is when we warn someone, they don’t listen and that causes really bad things, hurting a lot of people in the process. And raising a lot of “what ifs”. That really bugs me. Specially if that someone ends up hurt.

Sometimes I wish we could “delete” some events of our life, even knowing they taught us something.

What do you guys think? Better to warn? Better to let learn from own mistake?

Well, have a good night, see you tomorrow.

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