Products I’ve Used Up – September 2013 Edition {empties}


Hi everyone! Today I want to share my thoughts on 6 products that I’ve used completely in the past few weeks. Some of them I’d buy again, others…not really. I like reading or watching empties on other blogs, mainly because after using the entire products, you’re bound to have a formed opinion on it. And that usually helps me decide between products.

So, let’s start!


Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Pads


This is one of the absolute best products I’ve tried. It’s also really really old. Let me explain. My sister bought this maybe 10 years ago and she only used a couple. Don’t know why, but she only used a couple. When she left for the US, back in 2007, she left it here for me to use. And I didn’t, for a long, long time. But early this year, I tried it and I loved it! It became a part of my daily routine and it wasn’t directly to treat pimples or clogged pores. It was because of the amazing exfoliating feel of the pads and how it made my skin ready for moisturizer and foundation without the need of a primer. I love this product, we don’t have it in Portugal anymore (it’s still part of the line in other countries), but if I can find it again, I’ll definitely buy it.

If you live in the US, click here for a great deal I found on Amazon. It’s for a pack of 6 90-ct containers, and I would buy it if I was in the US. It would give me about 2 years of easy prepped skin. =) And the price per item is good too. Also, check out the bottom of the post for some other deals on the rest of the products I mention. 😉


Montagne Jeunesse Natural Charcoal Pore Strips


Montagne Jeunesse is a great brand of natural products. I bought these pore strips on my quest to find the perfect pore strip {I always need to deep cleanse my nose pores}. We both tried it – each packet comes with only 3 strips – and I’m still not sure of what I think. The information on the packet reads: “The natural hardwood charcoal has excellent qualities to absorb excess sebum and blackheads for cleaner, less visible pores around the nose, whilst volcanic ash helps to clear dead cells.”

Well, one thing is for sure: there are no dead cells on my skin after using it. And maybe even some living cells. It’s quite painful to remove, specially if you let it sit for the 15-20 minutes that they suggest. It does take away a lot of blackheads and other residue, but it’s definitely not even. When you apply it, even if you are very careful, there are areas of the strip that don’t adhere to the nose. I even tried to wet the strip on the second try, but the result was similar.

It would be perfect – even with the painful removal – if it was even all around the nose. But it isn’t, and I’m not sure if I’m buying it again. It was expensive – 3 strips for 1.99€ ($2.70) – or maybe I’m just cheap. 😉


Lush Happy Hippy


I love Lush. There’s absolutely no news here. Unfortunately I ran out of my Happy Hippy, and I’m not sure when I’m gonna be able to re-purchase – only because it’s quite expensive. I love the scent and how it lingers on your skin for several hours. This is really good and I do recommend it. =)


Nailpolishes: Base and Top Coats

Sally Hansen Mega Shine, Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat and Oriflame Crystal Base and Topcoat


I finished these products almost at the same time. Even though they have the same purpose, they are really different, performance wise.

Sally Hansen’s Mega Shine is the best top coat that I’ve tried. I even talked about it on a favorites post, a few months ago. It really does the job and makes even the worst nail polish perform better. And gives a beautiful, almost gel nail finish. I love it and I will buy it again.

Revlon’s Quick Dry Top Coat is good, but not as good as Mega Shine. It does create a pretty and resistant top coat, but not as easily as Mega Shine. And it doesn’t dry as quickly. I would only buy this if or when Mega Shine is not available.

Oriflame’s Crystal Base and Top Coat… well, I like a lot of Oriflame’s products, but this is a huge miss for me. I used it, but I actually believe it made the colored nail polish last less time without chipping. I used it with several different nail polishes and that always happened. It also made some of the nail polishes create bubbles after drying the top coat. And that’s no bueno. Would not buy this again. Definitely.

I hope you enjoyed this post and that it was helpful. If you want to check out some deals I found on Amazon for the products that I mentioned, check the box below.

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