Products I use to protect my skin from the sun =)

I have a really fair skin so, more than everybody else, I need to protect it from the sun. When I was younger, I had my share of sunburns, and that wasn’t fun – even though, at the time, I loved the darker skin I would get from it – so, nowadays, I’m a lot more careful with what I use and how many times I use it.

All year long, I use a day cream on my face that has SPF 15. And that’s okay for the colder months. But when the sun comes out full force I need to up the protection factor a bit.

This year I looked for new products. Mainly because I wanted something tinted, to give my skin a bit of a natural glow without adding anything else. So, I went to the pharmacy and asked some questions, and came up with these products.



The Nivea sunscreen lotion is SPF 50+ (and it says kids because it’s supposedly designed for kids) and I’ve been using for a couple of years now. It’s really thick and white, and leaves a bit of a strange hue to your skin if not totally blended, but, for me, it’s worth it.

The La Roche-Posay tinted sunscreen and after sun are the new products. I bought them on sale (the sunscreen was 9€ and it was a buy-a-sunscreen-get-the-after-sun-for-free sale) and I’m a fan. I’ve only been using them for the past two weeks, but I like how they work.


The tinted sunscreen is a non-perfumed, paraben-free, tinted melt-in cream for sensitive skin – SPF 50+. It has a soft beige color, and it doesn’t really give that much color to your skin, but leave a cool, natural glow that I love. It’s a tiny bit heavier than I wish it would, so I use a tiny bit of powder on top of it. Using it you really feel like you’re protecting the skin, and it lasts all day.

The after sun is a melt-in hydrating gel for sun exposed and dried out skin. I’ve used it every other day at night after a shower and I do feel my skin softer in the morning. So, I guess it works 😉

What are your sun protection habits? Any product you really love?

Have a nice weekend!

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