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Yesterday I saw the series finale of Private Practice. It’s a show that I watched since the very first episode, the one still on Grey’s Anatomy, where they introduced the characters and practice.

Last season I found myself thinking that the show couldn’t be far from its end. I mean, how much more harm and overcoming could these characters go through, right?


This was – without a doubt – the best season of the 6. Even though they only had 13 episodes, they were all really good! I loved how every character had one episode and how that showed a different side to their personalities and the story. In the end of last season, when there were news that Pete was getting the axe, I was probably the only fan that wasn’t bothered. I liked the character, but it was becoming too much for my taste. When the season began, I was pleased with the way Pete’s death was treated. That episode with his funeral was actually quite funny.

Without spoiling too much the finale for those of you that haven’t had the chance to watch it, I think it was a good way to say goodbye. The episode is called “In Which We Say Goodbye” for a reason. Everyone has their “happy” ending (even Sheldon, in his way) but some surprising events take place. Surprising because I wasn’t expecting them, even though from other reviews I read online, it seemed like everyone was expecting them but me. Oh well.

I wish that Shonda Rhimes would come up with a way to keep these characters “alive”. Like in a couple of episodes where they crossed over to Grey’s Anatomy, they could still do that now. I would love to see Addison or Amelia dropping by Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital for consults! Wouldn’t that be cool? =)

So, to quickly sum up my thoughts: I loved the show, all its twists and turns, all the drama and romance, and it had a pretty good finale. It will be missed but it doesn’t feel like there was something missing from the last episode. Thanks Shonda!

I’ll leave you with pics from the finale (from Private Practice’s website).

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