Preparing for Xmas Shopping

Today, almost a month until Christmas, I wanna share a few things that may help you when shopping this year.

First, I always do a Christmas shopping list and I do it in early November. That way I can really look for the best prices and best ways to do it all.

Second, I browse online for special discounts, for previews of the discounts shops will have on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Even though we don’t have either of these in Portugal (except for one store, and even with the discount is really expensive), we can buy online, and use these discounts online. Most of the good online stores already ship worldwide and at good prices so, why not?

Third, in what comes to browse for good prices, is one of the best tools there is. You just go to (and it had to be this one, any other countries won’t do), enter the name of the product you want to buy, and you get “Shopping results”. If you click that link, you’ll go to a page where Google combines every available place where that product is sold online. And you can sort the results by relevance and price. Check one example below. With this tool I have to tell you that I’m hoping to save about 50% of the retail value of my shopping list.


Fourth, after looking for the best prices online, it’s better to do a timetable of when you’re going to buy them. For instance, I have my shopping list divided by a few days, so I can maximize my discounts.

It’s a bit of work but you really can save a lot of money. And these days, that’s really important.

If you’re planning to go shopping on Black Friday’s sales, please, pleeeeease, be careful and treat the other shoppers as you’d like them to treat you. Lets try to have a incident-free black friday this year, okay?

Sofia @ Something on Everything

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