Portuguese Music I Think You Should Hear =)

Yesterday we had the movie Cosmopolis premiere in Portugal. Robert Pattinson is in Portugal (with his parents) for that event and what the media are calling a mini-vacation. Unfortunately, I read a few articles – even from good newspaper websites – calling Portugal the country of Fado and pastéis de Belém. I’m not saying that we’re not the best on that, we are, but that inspired me to do a post with some of my current favorite portuguese songs. We have amazing music and amazing bands right now, and these are just some of my favorites. Each title is a link to the band’s website, so you can get more info on them. =)

Oh and some of the songs are in english, but the bands are portuguese, so… it’s all good 😉 And even if you don’t understand what they’re saying in the portuguese ones, just enjoy, because they’re really good!

Os Azeitonas

Virgem Suta

Gonçalo Bilé

Miguel Araújo

Amor Electro

Luísa Sobral

Jorge Palma

Blind Zero

Boss AC

David Fonseca

Filipe Pinto

Mónica Ferraz


The Gift

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