Portuguese Idol versus American Idol

Today was the final of our Idol version. This was the 5th season and we had a good winner, from my point of view.

idol1 idol2

One of our cable networks broadcasts American Idol – and has done that for a while – and obviously, some of the winners and front runners of the show are amazing performers with great careers right now.

Because of this, we can’t help but to compare between these two versions of the same show. I don’t know why, but the Portuguese producers seem to think that the quality of the contestants is not enough to draw good ratings. They keep on adding sketches, personal chats and other types of annoyances. I don’t like it. Specially after watching most of the 11 seasons of the AI…

The two versions differ in several areas:
– the portuguese has two presenters, which gives the opportunity for those annoying sketches and personal chats
– the american has a really amazing vocal coach, which we don’t even get to know in the portuguese one, but by the looks of it, it lacks quality
– the portuguese puts a huge emphasis on so-called celebrities to be on the judge panel. This season we even had a presenter, that doesn’t have any relation to the music world, and even said several times live that she didn’t know that much about music. Seriously? This is a music show.
– the american gives the contestants liberty to choose the genre of music they sing. Granted, we don’t have country music in Portugal, but if the contestants don’t sing pop-rock in the castings, they’re immediately off
– the portuguese runs for three or four hours, depending on the duration of the show of the competitor channel TVI. When they had 14 contestants, they ran for 3 hours, when they had only 2 – the final – the show lasted for 4 hours.

Last week, after watching the semifinals, with the last 3 contestants, we watched the exact show – the semifinals – of the American Idol. We were amazed and also kind of sad. The top 3 of season 11 sang beautiful and powerfully, and they were so much better than the portuguese top 3! And I do think the portuguese top 3 could do better! But the emphasis of the show is not on the singers, but on the ratings. And that makes the final effect less perfect than it could.

In the final, tonight, there were dancers on stage for a rendering of “Nothing Else Mathers”. Watch below and see for yourself if that was necessary. I believe they need to class it up quite a bit. And really really stand by the contestants and help them perform their best!

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite performances by the Portuguese Idol 2012, Diogo PiƧarra.

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