Playing with melted beads!


My sister Cristina – remember the whole birthday wishes event back in May? eheh – was the one who introduced the melted beads idea to me.

I’ve always liked beads and when I was a kid I even got a huge selection of those smaller ones and made necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and even sold them! (mainly to my family, but also to some friends 😉 ). But I never thought about melting them. I’m glad someone did and shared it online! My sister has made some melted beads objects and I have some ideas of things to do with them, specially for Fall.

So, as I know nothing about this, except what I read online, I’m learning my favorite way: trial and error. And that’s what I did today. I used some beads that I have at home and tried melting them, so I would know the ideal temperature and time of my oven.

They turned out pretty nice. I now know a lot more lol. The whole how-to will be featured on an upcoming video and blog post. But I want to share some more pics of my faves. =) The blue and purple were the best at melting and were a lot more uniform and the orange one kind of looks like Halloween candy. Ideas running and screaming in my mind right now. =)


This one was my attempt to make a small bowl. I took a long time to put the mold on it and it didn’t work. Now I know better for next time eheh. 😉 That’s the error part of trial and error. =)


I will use this combination of orange and yellows to make a Do It Yourself project for Halloween! Subscribe to my channel on YouTube and like the Facebook page – Something on Everything so you won’t miss it!


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