Pinch My Salt

Today I want to share with you one of the best cooking blogs I know of. The name is Pinch My Salt and it has a lot of really good recipes, tips, and Nicole, the blogger, is also a really good food photographer. So, I now you won’t be disappointed while visiting her blog. So, just click on the image below to open the link.


I first got to know of this blog by accident, and only because I went to Google to search for a Red Velvet Cake recipe. And when I found the one on this blog, I found myself browsing the rest of the recipes for hours! It was a few years ago and I still have some recipes tagged to try. And the ones I’ve tried, I’ve always loved. My favorite I think is the Coconut Cupcakes. Those are awesome awesome awesome! =) And always a party favorite.

After that, I started following Nicole’s twitter (click on the picture below to go there) and sometimes I tweet some of my pictures and once I tweeted Nicole a question and she answered! It was so cool! To me it was as if a celebrity talked to me! That’s how excited I was with her response. =)


I also follow Nicole on Facebook and I think it’s a good way to see all her food photos and some links to recipes and products she’s trying. So, click on the photo below to go to her Facebook page.


Believe me, you won’t be disappointed when using this blog as a tool while cooking. You’ll love it!
You’re inspiring, Nicole! Thank you!

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