Photography – “sunflowers, food, ruins and a dog” edition

Today I want to share some of the photos I took this weekend. Yesterday we saw some pretty sunflowers and sunflowers are always theme for great photos. I took some really cool ones that I want you to see.

The photos of food are of a Chicken Charlotte (kind of a ham and chicken pie made with bread) and of the olive and cream cheese penguins that I made for last years Christmas, I think. =) My grandma asked for them for her birthday weekend. Oh, and a photo overview of the Portuguese Stew (“Cozinho ร  Portuguesa”), a mix of meats, potatoes, beans, rice and cabbage. Yummy!

Also yesterday we went to the ruins of a local shopping mall that was completely destroyed by fire last week. It’s so sad to see it that way. I can’t help by think about all the people that were working there and suddenly, they lost their workplace. Most of them were redirected to other stores, but still… It was heartbreaking and I got goosebumps the entire time I was there.

And the last photo is of my beloved Nev, that finally is back at home with us in Lisbon, after almost 2 months. I missed her so much and in this photo she was sitting next to me as I was finishing my grandma’s cake. She looked like she was glued to me. I guess she also missed us! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Have a nice Sunday!

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