Paid-to-Click Websites that actually pay {UPDATED}


If you’ve been following me for a while, you may remember a post I wrote a long time ago, regarding PTC (Paid-to-Click) websites. Well, I’ve known PTC websites for years and years, and finally got to a conclusion: most of them don’t work. That’s why I’m writing this post today.

Paid-to-Click websites, if you haven’t heard about them before, are websites that will pay you to browse ads or advertiser websites. Keep in mind that not even the best one around right now (I’ll get to that in a second) will pay you enough to leave your day job. These are supposed – at least that’s how I look at them, I believe it’s the healthy way – to give you just an extra money every month. Most websites are free to join – I don’t join anything that I need to pay a fee – but every single one of them have paid extras and upgrades once you’re in. It’s up to you to see if you want to do that, but I don’t (apart from the exceptions described below).

After all these years, I’ve rounded up to 3 websites that I visit daily. Every banner below has my referral link – if you want to try and register, you can use it and I will gladly welcome you to my referral list. =)



This is definitely the best website out there. It pays instantly, has lots of ads you can click daily and even though I’ve only been registered for a month, I’ve already earned over $6. That’s a lot for only a month. And this website allows you to buy referrals with the money you earn from clicking on the ads, so I’ve been buying referrals with that – having more referrals allows you to earn money faster. It has a lottery, called AdPrize, where you can earn random prizes – I’ve won $0.75 and 210 NeoPoints.


I’ve been registered on this website for a long time now and I’ve received several payments. It was the first working one that I registered with and I still enjoy it. It also has a ClixGrid, which is a sort of lottery, where you can earn up to $10. I’ve won $2.90 so far. =)


This website has a higher payout amount – 30€ / around $40 – and it’s slower than the other ones, but it still works well.


And these are my 3 chosen ones. I’ve been trying out another one, but it’s still very recent to form an opinion. These 3 work, I’m sure of it.

UPDATE: The other one I’d been testing is now an approved one. Check it out below:


It’s a fairly recent PTC website but right now it has plenty of ads and a grid that you can play 25 times every day (if on a free account). It’s been paying and the cashout is at $4.

If you’re curious and want to try them, go for it. It’s free and if used every day, they can earn you that restaurant meal once a month that you’ve been wanting. 😉

Have a great day!

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    Very interesting. I’ll have to give them a gander. Thanks for linking up with us at the TGIF Link Party.

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    Thanks for sharing this info. I’ve been looking for some sites to click for pay. Visiting from the Let’s Get Organized Blog Hop.

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    Thanks for sharing this on Tell Us Tuesday. I haven’t tried out any of these companies but will look into them further.

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    I hadn’t heard of any of these and I appreciate your post!

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