Our *lovely* Home Gym Corner

Our lovely Home Gym Corner | by http://www.SomethingOnEverything.com

During the Easter Break I went on a makeover spree. Not only around the house - as you can see for the abundance of DIY posts here on my blog lately - but also regarding my health and workout regime. 

We do have a lot of equipment at home and we even had an elliptical machine for years until I used it to death. ​We currently have weights, a 5kg (11lbs) kettlebell, a TRX suspension trainer system, a Wii Fit (yes, don't mock it, I love it!), push up grips, a door horizontal bar, a resistance tube and two different mats. We also use a protein (mostly my boyfriend, but I use it sometimes on those high intensity workout days) and a sportswatch or activity tracker.

​This equipment is used on a daily basis. Not everything at the same time, but at least something is. The area that we had everything was getting a bit out of hand, so I decided to organize and beautify the home gym spot.

Our lovely Home Gym Corner | by http://www.SomethingOnEverything.com
Our lovely Home Gym Corner | by http://www.SomethingOnEverything.com
Our lovely Home Gym Corner | by http://www.SomethingOnEverything.com
Our lovely Home Gym Corner | by http://www.SomethingOnEverything.com
Our lovely Home Gym Corner | by http://www.SomethingOnEverything.com

​And I know it's not just workout gear - but we do have a small house so we need to make the most of the space.

​I'm a believer that an organized, clean and pretty home make you more focused, energized and willing to use your time in the most effective way possible. I've found myself looking at this hub and smiling on several occasions and I love it! My poinsettia is still alive and kicking and looking so vibrant that it adds a lot of color to our living room. That cute little doll is a good-luck doll that my mother gave me a couple of years ago, while I was looking for a job and think it's adorable. The cookie jar was made by one of my best friends and the Easter Egg is filled with dark chocolate almonds {I'm pretty sure we won't eat them, but the egg looks pretty darn cute there!}

​Out of all our equipment, there are a couple of things that I believe are staples in your home gym. I will only mention them briefly, with accompanying links for you to check them out, but I will be making full reviews and talk a bit more in depth about everything I'm using right now to workout. For now, you can see our favorites and the reasons why below. Click on the photos to check out the products.

Dumbbell Set: we have both cast iron and rubber dumbbells and they go from 2lbs to 10lbs each plate. We have a lot of each because we obviously use very different weights. If you're just starting out, you'll probably be okay with a set of 80lbs. The adjustable ones are better because with just a set, you can have a very wide range of weight to work with. No one has space at home for 40 different pairs of dumbbells, right?

TRX suspension trainer system: we use this almost on a daily basis and I love how versatile it is. We used it anchored on our door horizontal bar and my boyfriend prescribed several different workouts that I can do using it. I love it and I'll be using it for a long time, I'm sure. We have the TRX training home kit.

Wii Fit Plus: I'm sure you're saying that I have got to be kidding about this, but I'm not. I feel that working out needs to also be fun, and I have lots of fun on my Wii Fit! I bought a set of Step Ups to make my balance board higher and I mainly use the Wii Fit as a Stepper - I do the 30 minute Free Step while watching my favorite YouTube videos or TV Shows - for a bit of aerobics.

Push Up Grips: I had a cheap set that I bought a couple of years ago but last Christmas my parents gave my boyfriend a brand new set from Nike and we both use it. It makes push ups easier or harder depending how you use it and how you do your push up and I love it!

Yoga Mat: a good yoga mat will forever change the way you workout. Doing floor exercises on a hardwood floor is not the same as using a good mat. Using my mat made me actually like doing ab exercises.

Nike+ Sportswatch: my boyfriend has had this Sportswatch for a couple of years and he loves it! He uses it regularly to run and every time he works out {pretty much every day}. This is more advanced than a regular activity tracker (I currently have a Fitbit Charger - more on than on a later post) and is perfect for someone that runs or undergoes high intensity workouts. The one we have at home has GPS so every run is tracked on a map, which is pretty cool. 😉

Hope you enjoyed the cuteness of my new favorite spot in the house, our home gym spot, and that some of my recommendations are actually helpful. I will be talking a lot more about each of them on later posts.

What is your current favorite sports gear?

*this post contains affiliate links. They're here because it's easier to show you products that I truly believe in and have used/tried and yes, I do make a small commission if you purchase the item through my link. If you don't want to use the link provided, we'll still gonna be friends. 😉

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  • April 8, 2015 at 1:04 pm

    I love my treadmill and free weights (as light as they are, since I am not very strong!) To be honest, my favorite thing to have in my gym room is a tv, because I need to be distracted when I’m working out:)
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  • May 14, 2016 at 10:50 pm

    I love how compact your home gym is. It is totally possible to have a home gym in a small home or apartment. I would also add some workout videos – if you have a place to do them. I like Jillian Michaels, Bob Harper, Shaun T and Richard Simmons but I also have some random yoga, pilates and dance videos that I like to throw in for an easy, quick workout.

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