Oriflame’s Make-Up Brush Wrap Case Review


A few days ago I got some of Oriflame’s new products. I filmed a haul, which will be up in the next few days. I’m loving a lot of the stuff I got, but my favorite so far is this make-up brush wrap case.

I didn’t have a case for my brushes, so I was using a makeup bag, and it wasn’t that practical. I don’t have that many brushes – I only have the ones in the photo below (and yes, I know they’re dirty!) and an Ecotools retractable mini Kabuki.

For those of you that don’t have Oriflame available in your country, I guess this won’t be that useful, sorry bout that. But I do think it’s a good choice for those that have it available.

The case comes with 7 slots and a side zipper to store additional brushes or other make-up tools. But you can do as I did, and store up to 12 or even 14 brushes (2 per slot).


For more info and price range (it will vary from country to country), click here.

Mine cost a bit under 8€ (I’m a seller so I have some discounts – the full price was 9.90€) and I’m really happy with it. I think you’re getting a really nice quality item for a low price; also, it looks pretty and now I have all my brushes stored in the best way to keep them. =)
And when it’s closed it looks like a cute clutch!


Hope you enjoyed this post and thought it was useful!
Have a wonderful week!

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