Oriflame Haul/Review: 3 makeup products, 2 brushes

So, I’ve talk about Oriflame products before. The reason is my mom sold these catalog products for years when I was little and then, a couple of years ago, I began selling them (mostly to buy products at lower prices for me and my family).

They have a lot of different products and in what comes to makeup, there are a lot of misses. But, sometimes I find really good products also. And these are not cheap items; they’re in the range of MAC prices. I’ve talked about one of my favorite mascaras – WonderLash – and I also really like some eye shadows they had a while ago. This is actually a problem. They change their lines a lot and stop selling products to introduce new ones; and lately they’ve been changing their products for worse. Most of the products I love they don’t have anymore.

Last week I bought some 5 new things that I never tried before. They’re from a new line, a studio-professional-something line, and I bought the concealer, foundation, finishing powder and two professional brushes (one for liquid foundation, the other for face powder).

I’ve tried them enough times right now to make a quick assessment of their use. First, the concealer. It’s called the VeryMe concealer and I bought it in peach. I really like the way this applies and it’s a very good concealer. You don’t need a whole lot of product to be satisfied with the coverage and it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing any product at all. I don’t have big black circles to conceal – but I tried them one day on top of a blemish and it was perfect. Also, I top the concealer with powder every time I use it, so, it had a really good staying power, but I’m not sure if it was the concealer itself, or the combination with the powder.



The foundation – Studio Artist Foundation with Illuma Flair (SPF 15), in fair nude – was a miss for me. I have combination skin, but with the weather change, my skin always gets crazy with some dry areas and other oily ones. In the oily/normal areas, this foundation works great, but in the drier areas it is just plain awful. I thought it was my problem, that I wasn’t applying it the right way, so I tried a couple of different things: using a good moisturizer, a good primer, a good foundation brush… and nothing. Always the same result. Don’t get me wrong, I still think it’s a good product, because wherever the skin wasn’t dry, it looked amazing! I really liked the way my skin felt. If you have normal skin and don’t usually have problems with dry parts, I really recommend that you try this. But I probably won’t have use for it while my skin has dry areas. And that’s not cool, because it wasn’t a $5 foundation. Oh well.



The Studio Artist Loose Powder with Illuma Flair in translucent… another miss. First, the packaging was terrible. It has that hole system that most powders do, it came with a sticker that was really hard to take off. And it still kept a lot of glue, which was seriously annoying. This was supposed to be a finishing powder that would give you that soft glow look without looking oily. Well, I used it on top of different types of foundation – liquid, powder, mineral – and I don’t get it. I do not feel a difference. This was even supposed to work perfect with the foundation I talked about above and it doesn’t even provide a longer wear for any of them. I don’t get it, at all. It wasn’t cheap also, and it does nothing.



Now, the brushes. I bought them because they were on sale, I have to admit. They’re a part of the Studio Artist line also, and I really like how they look. I’m not the best person to talk about brushes but I gotta say, I really like these two. They’re soft but do their jobs perfectly and I love how they feel, both the brissels and handles. My favorite powder brush is the retractable Kabuki from EcoTools – and I’m not sure there will be a substitute for that one – but I’ve used this powder one the last few days and I’m pleased. I had a set of brushes from Oriflame a few years ago that the brushes were awful but I think that if they’re changing the brush line to something in this Studio Artist line, they are definitely going the right way.



So, overall, it was exactly as it’s been in the past few years: some hits, some misses. The concealer and the brushes: big hits. The foundation and powder: big misses.

Hope you liked this haul/review and it was at least a bit helpful! 😉 Have a nice day everyone!

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