Obsessed with this salad!

Lately I’ve been loving salads. Red peppers and carrots and red cabbage and all… Still, I’m sure I do it so often because I have an amazing food processor and I have a lot of salad ready in 5 minutes. I wouldn’t have the patience to chop and get all the veggies ready otherwise.

So, my favorite right now is carrot, red cabbage, red pepper and onion. =) I season it with just a hint of olive oil and salt and a lot of balsamic vinegar. A really good balsamic vinegar always gives so much flavor to the food, it’s amazing!


You can serve this salad as a meal – I’ve done that a lot of times – or a side dish to grilled food. At least that’s the way I most enjoy it. Of course, I’m a true believer of mixing it all up so, serve it the way you want it =)

I’ve been loving red peppers so much this season that I’ve also been eating a lot of only red peppers salads. It’s really just red peppers, with a bit of salt and balsamic vinegar =) Loves loves loves! =)


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