Oblivion Movie Review

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve done a movie review. I haven’t seen any new movies, really. But today we went to the movie theater and saw Tom Cruise’s newest: Oblivion. Check out the trailer below.

I enjoyed this movie. It had really cool special effects, nice action scenes and cool gadgets. But it was just a bit – I don’t know – far fetched? There was something in the story – and I do understand this is fiction haha – that didn’t seem right to me.

The movie is two hours long. And for some reason, the really complex story starts to unfold and resolves itself only in the last 20 minutes. It’s like having a lot of “slow” action for most of the movie, then they throw new data that kind of confuses the person watching (but in a way it makes sense) and in a very expected way, it all ends up resolving itself in the last 5 minutes.

Does it seem like a confusing description? Maybe you won’t feel like that after watching it, but I did. I think they could have distributed the action and the unfolding drama in a better way.

Nevertheless I enjoyed it. I’m glad I saw it in the theater – at home it wouldn’t make such an impact. I would never live in the house they lived in, but I looooooved the pool. =) And without giving too many spoilers, I would be happier with a different ending. It was a bit of the same old thing. And in such a different movie, it would be a better fit, I think.

Lets just hope something like this never happens to Earth, okay? =) Quite an amazing imagination these writers have, don’t they? =)

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