Obama won!


Yesterday I was up – well, awake at least, I was watching it in bed – until close to 6am. Why? Because I wanted to hear Obama’s speech. =)

I fell asleep 10/15 minutes before he started, but at least I tried. =)

I love all the election night buzz. I was watching CNN on TV, ABC News on my iPad and had the Fox News app on my iPhone.

For some time it seemed like the result wouldn’t be this – and it even took Romney about one hour to admit his loss.

I’m happy. My choice won. Not only I believe in him and that he’s the best for the job but I also believe every President should have the chance to run a second term. Historically in the US, the second term is always better, right? Also, there were so many things that bothered me about Romney… I seriously think he would do many more bad things than good.


The sad thing to think is that even Romney is a way better choice than any of the Prime-Minister choice that we have right now in Portugal. I hope that the Portuguese politicians followed the US Campaign, watched the debates, and seriously got inspired and learned something. We need to step it up so many notches that it would be outside of Earth’s atmosphere. Oh well…

Hope you had a good day!

Sofia @ Something on Everything

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