Notre Dame Football


Today is game day.

As I was born in Portugal and we don’t have american football tradition here, just – as Americans call, soccer (we call it football) – I didn’t grow up watching and playing this kind of sport.

I believe I first learned the basic rules when I was in high school, as a part of PE curriculum but I know I didn’t pay that much attention to it then.

When, years later, my sister moved to the states, she moved in with her now husband, a Notre Dame college graduate and huge fan of ND Football. He passed that to my sister and she passed it to us.

I can tell you now that ND is my team. I watched all their games – unless, unfortunately, they don’t show it – and I suffer with them. I do. And, as we have a pretty big time difference, some games only start at 1.30am here, and I watch them from the start to the finish. =) I don’t understand all the moves and all the rules, but I’m getting there.

Today, ND plays at home with the Navy at 3.30pm which means today we’re having dinner earlier so that at 8.30pm we are able to be sitting in front of the TV, rooting for ND! I’m sure they’re gonna win! I’m sorry, Navy fans! =)

My closest friends know this about me by now, and they’re getting interested in ND and college football. =) I’m really hoping Notre Dame goes to a Bowl. I’m planning a big event at my house if that happens, with some of my friends – can’t have them all because I live in the tiniest place ever – and with some traditional Bowl foods. That would be awesome! =) Football and food. And drinks, probably. =) If you have any suggestions of foods and drinks that you usually have in game days and/or Bowl days, please send them to me, either on a comment below or a message to my email.

Have a good day/evening watching your favorite teams!

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