New Year’s Eve Movie Review

I love romantic comedies. Specially the ones with a smart plot. =) Check out the trailer for New Year’s Eve below.


It took me this long to convince my boyfriend to watch this movie. But I did it!

I read somewhere that this was the New Years version of the Valentine’s Day. Well, in some ways it is. But I think this one has better plot twists. It was really fun to watch, even those scenes that you would watch and say “Suuuuuuuuuure”, but the last 10 minutes or so has really cool twists that you may not be expecting. I sure wasn’t.

It was so cool that the movie had so many well-known actors. I’m not sure but I think this one has even more than the Valentine’s Day. I loved some characters, even if they were stereotypes – i.e. Sofia Vergara and Hector Elizondo’s characters.

In general, it is a funny movie to watch. You’ll like it if you like watching romantic comedies. It is a bit goofy in the end, so, be sure to watch all the time until the screen turns black. 😉

Sofia @ Something on Everything

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