New video! The 2012 Pet Tag is now on my YouTube Channel!

Hi everyone!

I love tags and I love pets! So, I decided to combine them in a pet tag! I saw that there was already a pet tag on YouTube but I wanted different questions. Please leave a video comment below with your response, I would love to see it!

1. Which and how many pets do you have right now?
2. Did you adopt or buy your pet(s)?
3. How many pets did you have growing up?
4. What is your best pet-related memory so far?
5. What was the last toy you bought your pet(s)?
6. What is your favorite thing to do with your pet(s)?
7. What is that one toy that is in such horrible state that you hide everytime you have guests?
8. Have you ever travelled with your pet(s)? Where and how?
9. Do you have any tips for when it’s time to buy food, treats, toys, going to the vet?
10. Share something that you’ve learned since becoming a pet-mommy/daddy.
11. Tell all future pet-owners something you wish someone had told you before you got your pet(s).

In this video I tag:
my sister Cristina
Рeven though I forgot to mention them on the video, the Fowler sisters: Elle and Blair
– and everyone that wants to do it!

Click on the photo below to watch it! And if you enjoyed watching it, please click Like and Subscribe!

Also, if you want to, you can just write a comment below answering all these questions! Would love to read them!



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