New series on my blog – Health Journal

Hi there.

I’ve been trying to live a healthier life for the past few years now. I’ve been making several small changes that are now part of my daily routine and – while chatting with the girls at the Beauty Broadcast Community (click here if you want more info on this) – I realized two things:

– I should share some tips and things I’ve learned in this process

– The fact that I’m sharing online is a great form of accountability

So, what can you expect? The Health Journal posts will be online every Sunday and will serve as a recap of my week. They will feature the different types of workouts I’ve done (and if I skipped one or more days, I’ll have to explain), different recipes and tips on healthier meals.

For example, I’ll post pics like this of my on the elliptical machine a few days ago:


Pics like this will have a brief description of what happened. In this case, even though it’s marked 30minutes, it was a double workout, so it was a full hour (the machine adds the calories and distance).

Also, I’ve posted several healthy recipes and alternatives on my blog for the past two years and I’ll also recap some of those. I’ll show you some of my ways to keep and use veggies and fruit and I’ll share with you everything I find online, so we can learn together.



At some point, there can also be some sort of video, but that is still just a thought. =)

This is intended not only to be good for me, as I’ll have a journal and it will be easier to keep up but it is also intended to help and give you some ideas. If you have any questions, just ask in a comment (or a private message, tweet or mail, if you prefer) and I’ll try my best to help!

I hope you’re having a great weekend and see you tomorrow! Or next Sunday, for the first official Health Journal entry! Have a great week and stay healthy!

Sofia @ Something on Everything

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