New life for Something On Everything

Hi! Remember me?

It’s me, your friend that used to have a blog, Sofia.

Last year, my world kind of got turned upside down. And my whole life perspective changed. Updating this blog daily or weekly, with recipes, reviews, wish lists, savings guides, etc, stopped being one of the things I enjoyed doing.

My mindset shifted and I turned a bit more to social media and to other projects.

I’m not saying I will shut down the blog. I probably will never do it.

I will be re-purposing the content of all these years in a couple different formats (more on that soon) and I will be turning it more into a personal blog.

Nowadays, I’m mainly on Instagram, Snapchat (a new discovery for me, that I kind of love), Facebook and YouTube. My lifestyle right now is more forgiving of the kind of short and sweet update that these social media outlets allow, so that’s what I’ve been doing.

So, if you still want to keep up with my recipes, reviews, wish lists, guides, occasional hauls…follow me on your favorite outlet.

Snapchat: slinha



Instagram: slinha


Facebook: SomethingOnEverything

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YouTube: SomeOnEverything

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And there it is.

That’s the situation right now.

Thank you all so much and I hope to see you on my social media!

Have a great week!


Sofia @ Something on Everything

I'm a 32 year old Portuguese Psychomotricist / Early Intervention Specialist that loves to write about everything! Here you'll find a lot of different and great topics, but lately I've been loving to write about Food, Fitness and DIY! Hope you enjoy it and follow me on a journey to a better self! Aside from the social media links on the top of the page, you can also connect with Sofia Linha on:Google+