New features on the website! Plus – YouTube news!

Hi guys!

I vowed to always try to improve this website. With that said, I just added new drop-down menus to the top bar menu on three categories: Beauty, Food and Beautiful Randomness. I will try to get some more sub-categories soon, so keep checking the menus. =)

If you hover the Beauty section on the top menu, it will now appear this drop-down menu:



On the Food section:



And on the Beautiful Randomness section:


This last one is probably the one that will be having more adjustments in the near future, but I do believe this makes it easier to acces what you’re looking for, right? =)

But the website isn’t the only one with a new face. The YouTube Channel had a bit of a makeover also, preparing itself for the new videos coming really soon!


Also, the section I had on the previous version of this website called “1 Video, 1 Smile” is now a playlist right there on the channel. Every video is there and I’ll be adding more from time to time. Every time I find a video that is amazing and inspirational or funny! You know the drill. 😉

But I added one more playlist and this is completely new to me. I love music, I listen to music everyday for quite some time and I realized I could share some of my favorites. And you may not know some of them, because I do have lots of favorites from Portuguese bands!

So check out the playlists on the Channel page and have fun!

The videos will return really soon!


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