New feature and next days posts

I decided to add a section that I’ve been wanting to add for a while. I named it “1 Video, 1 Smile” and my goal with it is to share my some of my absolute favorite videos. The ones that are cute, the ones that are endearing, the ones that wow me. And always, the ones I think you should also see.

It probably won’t have the same periodic update as the rest of the sections, maybe some days I’ll post more than one, other days I won’t post any. I hope you like them and you can always send me links to videos you think I should see. They may end up here too. I promise not all of them will be from Ellen, but I also have to say that a lot of them will. The newer videos will be posted on top so it’s easier to see. Hope you enjoy this!

Also, for the next few days, I’m lining up some good topics, I believe. Ellen DeGeneres, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Review, The Hunger Games Books and Healthy Habits are some of the topics I’m thinking about. So, I think the next few days will be perfect to check out, specially during these cold days we’re having in Portugal. 😉 Have a good Friday everyone!


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