New Catrice Nail Polishes! Reviews and Photos!


During the holidays I discovered this brand called Catrice in one of our major supermarket “wellness stores”. I bought two nail polishes for about 2€ each ($2.70), an eyeliner for just over 1€ (about $1.30) and a foundation for 5€ ($6.70). Since then I went back and bought three more nail polishes. Here’s to hoping my review will explain why. =)

First of all, these are the shade I got. Nice right?



I bought three from their Ultimate Nudes line and two from the regular line. One of these two has a “brushed metal effect” and the other is a beautiful mix of colors.



This nail polish is described on the back as a “nail lacquer for an ultimate french-look. First stroke subtle coverage, second stroke higher coverage.”

I don’t know if it’s that evident from the photo but this is a pretty nude with a pretty purple-blue shimmer. This is the one I’m wearing right now and I think it’s a beautiful color. It’s not jus a flat nude as you get new dimensions as the light hits the nails. Love it.

This one does need two coats.




This one – Cotton Candy At Eiffel Tower – is just that beautiful creamy nail polish. It is described the same way as the previous one – I think it’s the description for the whole line – but with this one I can see a lot of different uses. It is quite sheer, so if you want it to show like in the photo below, you’ll need to put three coats on. But, I do believe this is one that could be also used as a good base coat. It doesn’t take much product to cover the nail and I always need to use a base coat with darker colors, so this is perfect. But I do like it on its own, I think it’s a really nice everyday color.




This is probably one of my favorites. I love this shade of pink. It’s not a neon pink definitely, but it’s bright enough for me. I’ve been calling it a bubblegum pink and it’s one of those colors that when you’re using it, if you catch a glimpse of your nails, you will be thinking “Uh, looking goooood!”. At least I did when I wore this. =)

It will take two coats for that perfect coverage. =)




This is a really interesting nail polish. I bought it because it looked like a cool taupe with really small golden glitter. I didn’t know what the “Brushed Metal Effect” note on the lid meant, and I didn’t read the back, where it states this is a “nail polish for ultimate color, ultimate semi-matte effect, ultimate coverage.”.

Came home, tried it on one nail and – OMG – loved it. It is a pretty taupe with golden shimmer but it has a cool twist.

So, the first coat really dries completely matte. But it’s not as dark as I wanted, so I put the second coat. The only way I can actually explain it is the way they describe it: “semi-matte”. It’s not really glossy, but not totally matte. It’s so beautiful that I took the nail polish of my other nails and put this on. It also leaves some texture to your nails so, if you don’t like texture-y nails, you can either not choose this or put a top coat – but keep in mind that the top coat will kill the semi-matte effect.

Oh, and two coats are more than enough.




This was one of the nail polishes I bought during the holidays and it was the one I wore on New Years Eve. It’s described as a “nail polish for ultimate color, ultimate gloss, ultimate coverage”.

It goes from dark gold to dark purple with lots of in-between shades and I LOVE it! You do need to put at least two coats because the first one will only show up as a golden thin layer of polish.

But it’s a really nice, rich shade without being one of those in-your-face metallics. The photo below doesn’t do it justice, believe me.



Overall, I believe these are really good nail polishes. They’re affordable, they have quite good coverage and are versatile (you can wear it in several different ways depending on the amount of coats you use).

I love the brush. It’s one of those wide brushes, almost like Sally Hansen’s brushes, which makes it a lot easier to use.


The only thing I’m not a fan of is the durability. I’m used to nail polishes staying put without dramatic chipping for at least 7 days. Well, the first three, from the Ultimate Nudes line, last me about 4 days without the need to take it all off. That’s not too bad. But the other two only last me 2/3 days.

This is not tragic to me. I do love the colors and I’ll keep using them, but you need to be prepared to only be wearing them for a couple of days.

I hope you enjoyed this review and that it helped in any way!

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