New baby! New video! Same old me? =)

Hi guys!


First of all, congratulations to my friends B and V on the arrival of their little baby girl yesterday! I have yet to meet her but I’m really excited! It’s the second baby in our group of friends and a third one is coming in June! Big year for all of us! =) Do you watch How I Met Your Mother? If so, the episode after Lily and Marshall’s baby is born pretty much is on the spot of what I’m feeling right now =)

Then, in a smaller but also exciting piece of information, I uploaded a new video after a whole month! =) And it’s of the best muffin recipe ever! =)

If you’re new to my website and to my YT channel, well, it’s basically an extension of the website. It’s not only cooking, not only beauty, not only DIY projects, but all those random things I love! =)

You should check it out and subscribe! I promise you won’t regret it! =)

So far, I’ve uploaded 28 videos – including the one above – and here’s the list to every single one of them, all you need to do is click on the name and a YT page will open 😉

– ❄ Christmas at my parents / Holiday Table with recipes ❄

– ❄☃ Holiday DIY – Part 4: Best Eggnog Recipe Ever! ☃❄

– ✩ Holiday DIY – Part 3: Simple Appetizers for your Holiday Table ✩

– ✩ ❄ My 2012 Christmas Decorations ❄ ✩

– Gio de Giovanni “Magnetic Nails” Magnetic Nail Polish Review

– Holiday DIY – Part 2: Making a Centerpiece

– Holiday DIY – Part 1: Using Plastic Straws

– Rituals Freezed Fantasy Nail Polish Review

– Fall makeup look inspired by Emily’s 1-Brand Wet’n’Wild Tutorial!

– ✯☃❄ DIY Candle Holder from a regular glass =) ❄☃✯

– Oriflame Haul and Mini-Reviews =)

– Mac Stars’N’Rockets!

– The 2012 Pet Tag!!

– DIY: Decorating Candles with Glitter

– Expired Makeup Secret Stash Haul

– Yankee Candle Haul =)

– Quick money saving tip: Toilet Cleaning Gel (also know as Scrubbing Bubbles)

– Carrot Cream Soup – The Healthy Version (video made on iMovie on iPad)

– How to Make Lemon Curd

– How to Make Portuguese Açorda

– How to Make Pickled Ginger (Gari) At Home

– How to make your own nail polish remover disks

– Stuffed Pork Cutlets

– DIY: To Do Board

– Healthy Way to Cook Bacon

– Quick and Healthy: Fish in the pan

– How to make a Soy “Frappuccino” at home

See, I told you it was random! =) But I’m having fun with it and learning a lot, actually. Would mean the world to me if you subscribed and shared with your friends! =) Please and thank you!

Have a wonderful Friday!


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