New AmazonUK Haul, or why I don’t buy pet food in Portugal


You may have read some of my savings posts, where I rave about Amazon, and particularly the one closer to me – Amazon UK.

Today’s post is yet another haul of amazing savings.

Last Friday, 13th September, I placed an order of two 17kg bags (37.5lbs) and a 5 pack of 650g Bonio dog treats (for a total of 3,250kg/7.2lbs). Three business days later I received them at the comfort of my home, without the hassle of carrying the 37,25kg / 82.2lbs up 6 flights of stairs. =) And without paying for shipping.

So, let’s see what I bought.


Wagg is a high quality brand of dog food that we don’t even get in Portugal. I believe it’s a UK brand and it’s the food that my dog has been eating for over a year. Actually, my last order of dog food was placed in October 2012, and was also of 34kg / 75lbs. The quality of the food is comparable to the regular Purina (not the premium kinds). Really great and my dog loves it.


I had never bought these dog treats, but they really caught my attention. They were sold in packs of 5 and they’re from Purina. When I look for products for my dog, I try to look for something that is good for her health. And these bones are enriched with vitamins and minerals, with fibre (to help support healthy digestion) and they help support healthy teeth and gums. And more: they’re baked! And made mostly from cereals (90%). 


And they’re huge! And doggie approved! =)

We don’t have these treats in Portugal, as far as I know at least, and I believe that if we did, only because they’re from Purina, they would sell for three or four times the price that I paid.

Well, now on for the prices.

Each of the dog food bags cost £10, which is about 12€ or $16. The 5 pack of Bonio treats cost £5, about 6€ or $8. As the order was over £25 (they added VAT – be careful with this – you always need to check the full price before deciding to order), I got free shipping. Be aware though! This only works if the products are marked with Free Super Saver Delivery or Free Delivery to the UK (even if you’re not in the UK).

In Portugal, if I were to buy a bag of dog food of this size, the only brand that I know that would cost close to 12€ is a white label one (Continente) and the food is awful. Really greasy, not healthy at all. I would love to support my country’s economy, but I need to think first of me and my family {and yes, my dog is part of my family}.

And the treats? I don’t even know any product available in supermarkets here that could even compete with that price let along the quality!

Oh and did I mention that the really fast 3 business days delivery was made by MRW? =) Amazon rules, right?


So, this is why I don’t buy dog food in Portugal. I’m not saying you shouldn’t either, but I wanted to let you know that there may be better choices out there. Better in quality and in price. 😉

I hope this was helpful in some way. If you have any questions, leave a comment and I’ll try to answer =) Or you can always find me in the social media.

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