Netipots, or the weirdest better way to fight sinus problems


A few years ago I was watching Dr. Oz on Oprah and they were talking about sinus relief. I had started with a few allergies and was having a bad time trying to treat them.

So, I went online and ordered the best looking neti pot. I wasn’t sure that would work so, I also looked for the cheapest. I mean, if it didn’t work, I wouldn’t be loosing a lot of money.

I bought a Sinucleanse neti pot and it came with a few packets of a saline solution, but I found out there are A LOT of different brands, sizes, formats, colors. You just need to browse for the best pick for you.

The video below, although old and funny, explains how it all works. =)


It’s really weird to use, specially the first times, but it really works. Since I’ve been using it, my allergies are a lot easier to control.

Be sure to breathe through the mouth while using it.

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