Need to reboot your routine? How Abby from Just a Girl and Her Blog is helping me.

reboot your routine

For the past few months I’ve been having a few moments when I feel crazily overwhelmed. With my new job, my boyfriend’s business, our dog and our home, it’s been quite a challenge to have as much energy to do everything that I want to fit in a day.

They’re not excuses and I’m quite happy with everything that I’m involved in at the moment – I’m actually considering adding something to the mix in a couple of months. But, in order to enjoy what I have now and will have in the near future, I need to get my routine back to a healthy status.

Cue Abby and her 31 Days to an Intentional Life series on her blog Just a Girl and Her Blog.


I’ve talked about Abby here lately (read here about my favorite ebook right now) and I love her blog. It seems to always have great content and – right now – it’s one that I make sure to read whenever there’s a new post.

In the beginning of October she started a new series called 31 Days to an Intentional Life. I’ll post the links to all the parts (so far) in the end of the post but if you need to reboot your routine, this is the series that you need to read.

Sure, not everything will fit you. I’m someone that loves lists, being organized and I’m certainly a planner. I don’t use as many lists as Abby does. And that’s okay. That’s what works for me.

I’ve been learning a lot and I’ve now decided that I need to put in place a few of those tips.

I’m starting by writing down my goals. And I decided that I’m going to have yearly, monthly and weekly goals. I also have a few 3 and 5 year goals.

Then, I need to change my morning routine. Abby described her morning routine and how much she believes it helps her have a better day. My routine right now is a bit laughable – I only try to do as many things possible in the least amount of time, so I can sleep in a bit. I don’t eat breakfast anymore – I only drink a cup of coffee while getting dressed and putting my makeup on. That needs to stop.

Also, my evening routine is in dire need of change. Actually, not change, it needs a little tweaking. Even though I end my day later than I probably should, those two hours after dinner are precious in order to spend quality time with my boyfriend. I’m happy with how we spend our nights during work days but I really need to add some things to it (like washing the dishes right after dinner, everyday).

But the one area that I believe will be problematic is coming up with a cleaning plan. I barely clean during the week. And that makes our home a bit messier than I want it to be. But I don’t have the energy to do it on a daily basis. So, a cleaning plan needs to arise.

I’m sure these four tips will help me live a better and more organized life. But these are the bigger things. Two days ago, Abby wrote a post that is now turning into my 10 commandments: 10 Simple Habits that Will Help You Stay Organized. They ALL make perfect sense to me and ever since she posted it, I find myself making an effort to do them. And I feel a bit better. =)

Now, I know this won’t turn my life around in a day – or even maybe a week.

But it’s helping me rebooting my routine. And I’m sure than if I try to to this, my life will eventually start to feel less overwhelming and more organized.

A very special thank you to Abby. I don’t know you in person but, reading your blog and exchanging some emails with you in the past few months, have been really important {sorry for all the rambling emails though 😉}.

Have a wonderful week and check out Abby’s series! Even if you’re not looking to organize your life, I’m sure that you’ll learn something!



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