My week and what you can expect to see next week

Hi everyone!

If you follow my Facebook page you already know what happened but I thought I should also write a wrap-up post here.


Last Friday, July 5, my grandma had surgery on her legs {varicose veins related} and while she was under anesthesia, she vomited and inhaled a part of the vomit. This wasn’t supposed to happen, obviously {and she was careful with the ingestion limitations before the surgery}, and resulted in an aspiration pneumonia. I went to my hometown, Lagoa, the next day.


(see Portugal there?)


(closer view)


(the region where I was born and grew up, see Lagoa there?)

On Saturday she was transferred to the ICU and she stayed there until Tuesday. She was then transferred to another ward and she will stay there at least until next Tuesday. She’s better but still on oxygen. It was a huge health scare, specially for her age, 78.

I spent those days with my mom and dad {and Nev, who’s enjoying her vacay with the grandparents} and I have to say, it’s really really hard to be there and see my grandma’s “spot” at the table, sofa or her bedroom, empty. Really hard.

I’m not ready to admit my family is not immortal. 

So I took the week off. Well, not completely off, I would still read some of the pop-up notifications on my phone and browse through my email. But I wasn’t in the mood to write blog posts or be an active member of all social media. I know you understand that.

But late Wednesday night I drove back home. I had a lot of things to catch up in real life, so I only started to catch up on my online life today.


A lot of exciting things happened in my absence. My posts were featured in several amazing blogs and that’s really exciting! I got a lot of new comments and followers and that’s even more exciting! I will need the weekend to reply and thank everyone but I’ll get there.

Also, I have several cool posts lined up for next week. One of them will be a fashion DIY and I’ll have at least two new recipes. Oh and one of the recipes will be of a traditional portuguese dessert. 😉

So, thank you for your patience and support and here’s to hoping your week was way better than mine {at least in what comes to health}. Have a great weekend and see you again on Monday!

Sofia @ Something on Everything

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