My two favorite perfumes right now: Lady Gaga Fame and Oriflame Love Potion

I’m not one to try and have a lot of perfumes, but these two are on my top list right now. I like sweet but not overwhelming scents and obviously, scents that linger on your skin. I mean, who wants to have to reapply perfume one hour after putting it on?

They were both Christmas presents and I had tried them in samples before.

The first one is by Lady Gaga and it’s called Fame.


It’s the first black fluid perfume that completely dries transparent and it smells amazing! These are the components:


I love the bottle, it’s something that is cute enough to show off, right? But the bottle cap, that metallic thing, is really heavy. I wasn’t expecting that. Not a bad thing, I’m just letting you know.


The smell lingers on your skin and it’s one of those that are so good that you only need one spray each time you use it. =) I’ve been using it day on day off since Christmas morning and I love it.

It came on a Xmas set with a set of 20 false nails. They’re so crazy looking! I’ll keep them for Carnival purposes. =)



The other perfume is by Oriflame and it’s called Love Potion. This perfume has three main scents: ginger, cocoa flower and chocolate. What’s not to like? Really! I love love this. It’s a bit softer than the Lady Gaga one but it’s also a bit sweeter.


The first time I used it, I couldn’t open it and I was afraid to force it and brake it. It’s a really lovely bottle and looks pretty on my vanity. =)


I hope you enjoyed this mini review and let me know if you’ve tried these! =)

And, if you have any suggestion of a scent in this family… let me know đŸ˜‰

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