My favorite cake in candle scent?!

A few days ago I went to the Yankee Candle website to get the link for a post I wrote on Perking up their tarts. I don’t go there often because even if they shipped to Portugal, I would pay so much taxes for importation (yes, anything from outside the US, even xmas presies from my sister, is considered importation and has to pay 23% taxes) that I choose to not see the products that often. That way I don’t get as sad for not being able to buy one.


As soon as I open the website, I say the words Red Velvet. OMG. I’ve talked about Red Velvet Cake. I love it and it’s my absolute favorite cake.

It seems as they released this as a new holiday fragrance! I seriously have to try it! Will probably only go to my wishlist but I’m seriously excited to see this! Geek much? =)

They have it in the whole family of products also: large, medium and small jar candles, large and small tumbler candles, tea lights, votives and wax melts! Click on the photo to go to the website area for this scent family.

If you are a red velvet cake lover as I am, you need to go to a Yankee Candle and smell it. Smell it for me. =) (Also, I’m gonna ask my sister to buy one of each, for when I go there, in case this is limited edition).

The other holiday scents are also exciting. Apple and Pine Needle, Peppermint Bark, Pinecone and Lime and Sugared Apple. =)

I’m not affiliated in the least with Yankee Candle, but I do LOVE the candles and the scents. They have the best candle scents in the world! Seriously. They do!

European peeps, if you know of a place or website that sells this holiday scents, please comment below. =)


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