May Favorites 2013 Part I: Beauty products!

This month I’m starting something that I love watching and reading on other blogs and YouTube Channels: Monthly Favorites.


Here’s how I’ll do it: on the last days of the month I’ll write two posts, one regarding beauty products and another with miscelaneous (books, websites, tips, music, etc).

So here are my beauty monthly favorites! Hope you enjoy!

Hair and Body favorites


Skino Bathcare Shower Gel line (the current one is milk and honey, the previous was soft rose) – this is a shower gel line by a brand that I’ve only seen in one Portuguese supermarket (sorry all the international readers out there), but it’s really good! I love the scents – so far I’ve tried two but the line has 6 or 7 – and the gel doesn’t make my skin feel dry or irritated. And it’s ridiculously cheap. 😉


Lush Curly Wurly – I adore this shampoo. You already know I love everything from Lush, but this one… wow. It really does wonders to my untamable hair and the coconut scent lingers in full force for at least 24 hours. It was a bit hard at first to deal with the coconut bits but you’ll get used to it as soon as you see how beautiful your hair looks.

Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque – talking about untamable hair, this is the other product that has been making my hair look good and manageable. I don’t usually see any difference in the texture and feel of my hair after using a masque, and I was surprised to see how much this does in just one use. Really good, specially if you have thick wavy hair.


Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E Skin Therapy Oil – I’m loving this oil! This is a great brand and the cocoa butter formula line is quite famous, and that was why I bought it. I’m not going to talk much about this because I want to write a full review on it.

Face and Makeup favorites


Olay Regenerist Night – this poor sample! I got this sample in the mail and I’m milking it to infinite usage. I love how the skin feels right after applying it. It’s almost like your skin is transformed to a really good quality velvet. I couldn’t stop touching my cheeks and raving about this to my boyfriend every night. I even used it once during the day as a primer on my forehead (in one of those really dry allergy skin days) and it was perfect. Definitely on my wishlist for a future purchase.


Rimmel London Fix & Perfect Pro Primer – this is the only primer that worked on my skin this past month, when my skin was so dry that I couldn’t wear foundation by itself.

Catrice Cosmetics Photo Finish 18h Liquid Foundation (in 020 Rosy Beige) – again, my allergies kicked in and limited me to wear this combination of primer and foundation. But it’s okay, I love this foundation. And it’s also a cheap one. Review coming soon.


Kiko Essential Bronzer (in 100 Warm Melange) – this bronzer won my respect the first time I smelled it. Smells like candy. And also looks so pretty and applies easily. Perfect. I used it a lot on the décolletage area so I wouldn’t look like a total vampire.

Catrice Cosmetics Multi Colour Compact Powder (in 010 Rose Beige) – this was a recent find and is now my favorite powder. I’ve used it every day and even though it’s really lightweight, it works wonders and allows my skin to look good for an entire day, without shine.


Almay Intense I-Color Powder Shadow Trio for Hazels – this is a really old trio that I kind of forgot that I had. This month I rediscovered it and I’d say I wore these shades about 80% of the time. Lovely colors, easy to apply and long lasting on top of the Too Faced Shadow Insurance.


Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick (in Mauve) – I found myself gravitating towards this lipstick this month. It feels so hydrating, last a long time (stains a bit even) and I love the color!


Essence I Love Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara (in Ultra Black) – got this mascara after a recommendation from Emily (Beauty Broadcast founder) and it’s now my favorite. I seriously doubt I’ll find a better one. Actually that was what I thought of my previous favorite, but still, you get the point. My eyelashes have never looked better!

Tools and Miscellaneous


Real Techniques Expert Face Brush and Deluxe Crease Brush; EcoTools Retractable Kabuki Brush – these were the only brushes I used this month. The face brush changed my foundation routine; the crease brush worked wonders and I used it to apply every eye look; and the kabuki brush is what I use to apply both the bronzer and powder. Crazy huh? No, lazy. But somehow this works for me and I really love these brushes. Note to self: I need to clean them.


Homemade Nail Polish Remover Pads – remember the video I posted a few months ago where I showed you how to do this? Well, I was using this before that and I still am. I’ve refilled it a lot of times. A lot. And this month I changed my nail polish so many times that every single time I was happy that I had these homemade cheap pads. =) And they’re great for travel too 😉

Sally Hansen Mega Shine Top Coat – a lot of different nail polishes, but always with the same top coat. This is the best top coat I’ve used and it gives every nail polish I own at least 5 more days without chipping. I need to buy a new bottle soon. 


Oriflame Love Potion Perfume and Lady Gaga Fame Perfume – I don’t usually use a lot of perfumes and right now I only use these two. The Love Potion is a bit sweeter than Fame. I’ll probably use them to the last squirt before I even try a new one. That’s how I roll. Exciting, huh? =)

Wow that was a long post! Hope you’re still here! Have a great day!

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