My dad’s birthday cake =)

As I told you in a previous post, my dad’s birthday was on leap day and we celebrated it with a family lunch today. It went great, we were 15 and it was a really fun lunch. Really good food. =)

I wanted to make him something special for the cake, so, after brainstorming with my mom, we knew the cake had to be a Red Velvet Cake (colored blue, because my dad is a huge fan of a soccer team whose color is blue) and the decorations should have a man sitting on a couch, with 8 girls and 1 boy (his kids) holding the candles. My grandma’s sister makes really elaborate cakes for a few decades now so I asked for her help.

So, to sum it up, I baked the cake, covered it with fondant and decorated it with my grandma’s sister’s decorations.

Even though it didn’t turn out as we had pictured it, I think it looked cute, and my dad loved it, so, mission accomplished. =) And it tasted really good =)

The Red Velvet Cake recipe I use is from but I’ll surely make a post on it when I make a Red Velvet Cake in the future. =)



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