My Benefit BrowBar Experience and some more freebies for my birthday! >> one of the reasons you should register for newsletters ;)

I usually receive between 50-80 emails every day. Lots of newsletters, daily subscriptions, job searches, eventually two or three job application replies (on a good day). But, last week, on my birthday, I got over 200. While anyone else could think they’re being harassed by companies, I – on the other hand – carefully read each and every one of them, browsing for cool offers and opportunities.

You see, it eventually pays off to be registered on some companies’ websites, newsletters and groups. At least on your birthday.

I got a lot of automatic birthday cards, a lot of offers on points-based services (the Nintendo club gave me 100 points just for logging in on my bday), 5/10/15 and even 25% discounts on purchases on several websites (most of the valid for a month), 5/8/10 and 20€ off coupons for purchases online or in-store for some Portuguese stores. But – by far! – my favorite was the Sephora email.

Just for having the Black Sephora Fidelity Card, I got three offers: one mini make-up palette, double points on my next purchase and a free brow wax at the Benefit BrowBar.

I would be happy with just the palette, but a brow wax? Yes, please!

I didn’t even know there was such a thing in Portugal! I had heard great things about it in the US, though.

I made the appointment and when I got there I was given the best experience in a Sephora so far. I was greeted by the nicest employee, called Catarina, who explained everything step-by-step. She even told me BrowBars have existed in Portugal for years. Wow. I won’t explain the process here, as I’m sure I wouldn’t do it justice, but you can find all the info on Benefit’s website. Click their logo below.


I would’ve been happy with the brow wax. But it didn’t stop there. I don’t know if it was because of my birthday, or if it’s a normal thing, but Catarina went on and did my makeup with Benefit products! I was squealing inside of my head! First I never had my makeup doing by a pro; second, even though I have two or three products, I was going to try a full Benefit face! =) Cool? Yes! Sad? Maybe. =P

Below you can find all the products she used, as well as the exact prices at Sephora in Cascais on that day (with the conversion to dollars so you can compare). Be aware that prices do vary according to your country.

(if you click on the photo, you’ll be redirected to my BeautySets page, and find the links to every product online)


1. POREfessional – 34.90€ (22ml/0.75fl.oz) / $46.35
2. Fake Up Concealer in Light – 25.90€ / $34.40
3. Boi-ing Concealer in Light – 24.90€ / $33.07
4. Hello Flawless SPF 15 Powder Cover up in a very light color that I can’t remember the name, maybe ‘Me, Vain?’ Champagne – 36.90€ / $49.01
5. Longwear Powder Shadow in Gilt-Y Pleasure – golden sand – 19.90€ (0.11oz) / $26.43
6. Longwear Powder Shadow in Quick, Look Busy – matte espresso – 19.90€ (0.11oz) / $26.43
7. Ultra Plush Lip Gloss in CORALista – 19.90€ / $26.43
8. CORALista blush – 34.90€ / $46.35
9. They’re Real! Mascara in black – 25.90€ / $34.40
10. High Brow in linen pink – 22.90€ / $30.42
11. Brow Zings in light – 33.90€ / $45.03


Wow. If I were to buy every product on its own, it would cost me 299.90€ (about $399). I can’t afford that, but I think that maybe if I could, I wouldn’t. I’m cheap like that. At least not all of the products. The photos of the look are quite goofy and odd, but bare with me. They do the job. The look was simple but I really enjoyed it!
I particularly enjoyed the Coralista blush, the Brow zings kit and the fake up concealer. I have and already loved the Porefessional, Boi-ing and Hello Flawless Powder. I wasn’t as pleased with the mascara as it seemed to clump a bit – but just look at the size and length of my lashes! Wow – and the eye shadows as they creased on me about two hours later. A primer would fix that easily, I’m sure. The colors were beautiful.


Oh, and obviously, I loved how my brows looked! I’m a fan!


After that, I also brought home the mini makeup palette. It is mini, but is really cool. I love the colors of the shadows, and it also comes with two lip glosses and one blush. They’re quite pigmented and I’m sure it will come in handy as it’s really portable. And it allows several different eye looks.


Ain’t it cute?
I hope you enjoyed this post! Now go and register on some of your favorite websites! You may be surprised on your birthday! =) Have a great day!

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