My 29th Birthday Haul!


Disclaimer: this is going to be a really photo heavy post!

Hi everyone! Yesterday was my birthday – hence the no-post situation 😉 My mom spent the day with me, got to have lunch with her and my boyfriend, went a bit shopping crazy, got to go visit one of the newborns of my group and had an amazing dinner at a Nepalese restaurant with my boyfriend! What more can a gal ask for? What? A party with friends? Well, that’s going to be on Sunday. 😉

This is going to be mainly a photo post with some subtitles. I mean, there’s not much to say about each thing. They’re all gorgeous {ahem} I’m blessed.

You probably know that I’ve been unemployed for a long time. Not going there today as this is a happy post, but you need to understand one thing before continuing to the photos: I haven’t been shopping much. Not earning money on a monthly basis will do that to you {if you’re sane!}

So, when I got money as a birthday present… I went a little nuts. But cheap nuts. I only bought things that cost less than 10€/piece (with one exception). I was in dire need of a closet update and I’m extremely happy with what I bought.

So, let’s start, shall we?


This was my present from my sister, brother in law and nieces. I love necklaces and this one is the cutest!


Flowers from my parents, my mom brought them with her on the bus and it was such a big bunch that we had to buy a bigger vase and still distributed them in two vases!


Bought this carry-on at Primark, and I love it! Really lightweight but still very resistant. If, like me, you didn’t know they had luggage, go check it out. They’re worth it.


Got the cutest cardboard cupcake stand at Primark. Didn’t know they had it, but my mom found it at the checkout line. =)

And now, moving on to clothes and accessories…



I found this cool store called NewYorker and I’m obsessed. I could probably buy A LOT more from that store, but I’m happy with what I got. These are really lightweight, great for Summer and made from a surprisingly good fabric. Love the bright colors of the tank tops and the white T-shirt will look great with a colored top underneath.


Also from NewYorker, this is an incredibly soft top with such a beautiful embellished neckline. They had a lot more colors, but this bright pink won.


Also from NewYorker, this is one of those trendy two material T-shirts. The back is cotton, the front is a really thin and light material {I would tell you the name of the material but I cut off the labels to wear it to dinner =) }.


Again, NewYorker, a really bright (even more than the photos show) yellow-ish green tank top. Love the detail on the neckline and back.


A really soft cotton basic 3/4 sleeve shirt. Love how it feels. Also from NewYorker.


Finally got a peplum top! This is made of a semi-structured material, which helps with the flattering purpose of a peplum. Love the mint green color. Also from NewYorker.


Got several basic cotton tops from Primark. They’re really cheap yet durable. 


These sandals are so cute and comfy! They were 10€ at Primark and the candles were 1€ {they were having a promo}.


And here’s a summary of our dinner at the Nepalese restaurant. It’s actually a place where we’ve been lots of times before and we love the food. I got to try a Nepalese beer – apparently it’s new and exclusive in Portugal of that restaurant – and it’s good!


 We had Chicken Korma – my favorite! – and Chicken Tikka Masala, with Garlic Naan and Homemade Mango Mousse – the best! 


It was a really amazing day! Thank you for all your birthday wishes! Now a quick message to the universe: I’m ready!  😉


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