Moving services, once again.

You may remember than in the beginning of the year I moved my website from Weebly to WordPress. It was a part of my plan to re-do the website, provide new features and make it more accessible.

Well, only less than two months after, the problems started. Even though I still like WordPress, and I admire them for providing such a cool and complete service mostly for free, I had to break up with them.

When I first moved from Weebly, I was in awe. Everything was better, everything was cooler, and the possibilities looked endless. It took me almost three weeks to re-write, re-post and make the whole website available on WordPress. This should have been a sign that this relationship wouldn’t be easy. I should have read more reviews and feedbacks of users and I didn’t.

WordPress is a really tightly custom made provider. They provide their services for free, given that you accept the imposed limitations. They don’t allow embedded code from most websites – I think they allow from 7 or 8 right now – and they save your website in a format that is not compatible with any other provider. Which means that, even though they say it’s really easy to import, export and all that jazz, it isn’t. You need either a converter, or a serious dose of patience to re-write all your posts.

I did that one time, I’m not doing it again only two months after. I don’t have the time or patience to do that right now.

Also, you can buy a theme. The free themes were okay, but I really wanted more, so, I bought one. One month after, they changed it without notice and now I don’t have the features I like.

But seriously, the final deal breaker was the limitation of embedding things.

So, where do we stand right now?

I’m now on Blogger, it was recommended to me by a lot of people – and most of the blogs I follow are Blogger hosted – but the import process was quite hard (due to the WordPress¬†incompatibility¬†with the rest of the world).

The website is looking mostly like I want it to look, but I’m having some problems with several posts. They show up fine on the frontpage, but when you click on the individual link to open just that one post – or click on a link in the archives section – you may find an error page.

I’m working to fix that but it can take a couple more days.

I’ll still update the website as per usual, and I hope you enjoy the new layout!

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